I have been a headshot photographer in Los Angeles for five years and I absolutely love it. I love meeting new people, I love hearing everyone's stories, and I love capturing each actor's uniqueness on camera. 

So what is it like to shoot with me? It's fun. It's non-stressful. It's fast-paced, productive, and detail oriented. Everybody is different, so every shoot will be different. Sometimes I'll give you direction - "turn your chin a little to the left, think of an objective or a line of dialogue" - and other times I'll tell you just "be you" and I'll grab the little nuanced moments. It all depends on your personality, what works for you, and exactly what kinds of shots we're trying to achieve that day. Communication is key, so I encourage actors to ask questions and voice opinions. I strive to always create a relaxed atmosphere and a creative partnership with each and every actor so the process can be a fun and collaborative experience, the way it should be.