How long have you been a photographer?

5 years. I’ve done over 300 headshot sessions in that time.


How far in advance should I contact you about a shoot?

You should try to contact me at least a week before you want to shoot. Sometimes I book up several weeks in advance, but usually if you give me a week’s notice, I’ll be able to fit you in.


Can we schedule an afternoon or evening session?

Unfortunately no. ALL SHOOTS are done in the mornings beginning at 9:30AM.  This is because my studio faces west and is completely overexposed in the evening. If we’re only doing a few looks, we sometimes start at 10AM. Never later. The goal is to wrap up before noon, when the sun is directly overhead and no longer a flattering source of light. I use natural light primarily, so it’s important that you arrive on time. If you arrive late, we might run out of good sunlight before we get all of the shots that you need. So plan for traffic delays and give yourself plenty of time to arrive.


Should I have my makeup done professionally?

This is completely up to you. I never pressure anyone to pay for makeup services, but I do know some great MUAs, or you’re welcome to bring along your own artist. I have noticed that shoots usually move quicker if you do your own hair and makeup, so if your goal is to accomplish 12 looks in two hours, you’ll improve your odds by foregoing the pro. If you’re not attempting a marathon of looks, then you might benefit from hiring a professional MUA. They have access to expensive makeups that are designed for high-def photography. It does make a difference. They are also great at pointing out and correcting flyaways and clothing wrinkles that you and I might not notice once we’re in the swing of shooting.  And for guys, I do recommend some kind of makeup. Whether you do it yourself or hire an MUA, just having a nice base of foundation makes a big difference. Your skin will reflect light better and you’ll be able to go easy on the touch ups in post. Nobody has perfect skin, and strategically applied makeup always looks better than Photoshop.


Where are you located?

All photo sessions are done in Burbank. I will send you the exact address once we have settled on a shoot date and the deposit has been paid.


Please note: I am a natural light headshot photographer. This means if it is very cloudy or raining, we will have to postpone the shoot. I will always keep an eye on the forecast and give you as much heads up as possible (usually a few days) if it looks like we’ll need to postpone due to weather.